Darach Foskett

Creative and Technical Advisor / CFO

At Blue Marble, Darach (aka Blake) combines his many talents, his keen eye, and his gentle sensibility. When our projects really shine, it’s often because he had a hand in the final polish. At every stage of projects, he is there as a sounding board, allowing constant exploration into new media and technologies.

Darach is an inventor with 30+ years of experience, and with strong ties to early education technologies. His first tech job was for the Department of Education where he designed and wrote diagnostic assessment software for the agency’s Title 1 program. Since then, he has designed and written educational software and content delivery systems for all levels of learning. He has worked with National Geographic, College Board, CTW, Prodigy, IBM, and others, including education startups. 

With a long career in software engineering, Darach’s inventions have held significance. He created a patented image analysis and display tech used to measure gene expression on DNA microarrays. As a lead developer for Endnote, he built a compile-time toolkit that allowed Mac OS code to run seamlessly on top of Microsoft Windows (before virtual machines existed). Way back when, he even wrote a WYSIWYG word processor that was used by Apple to introduce one of their early computers into schools.

Darach’s design talent extends beyond computers to creations in many media (photography, metal, wood, electronics, etc.) and he is also an experienced business consultant. He has helped design and build a 12,000 sq foot automated organic tofu factory and he has helped facilitate the growth of a number of small businesses.