christine at window

Christine Fisher

PrIncipal & Director of Communication Design

As the leader and creative force behind Blue Marble, Christine works with clients to identify appropriate communication strategies, create visual content, and implement multi-media campaigns. Both analytical and creative, she is versatile, discerning, and empathetic to the needs of customers and users. On a typical day at work you may find her mapping out user experience designs for new products, developing a brand's visual aesthetic, interviewing users, or writing copy. Never afraid to ask "why," her strategic sensibility and curiosity push the boundaries of those around her for unexpected, delightful, and practical outcomes.

Christine's favorite projects allow her to grow and learn. Collaboration with bright clients and creative peers make her long days a joy, a challenge, and a deeply satisfying way to live.

Christine began her career as an ecology researcher with fieldwork in Yellowstone National Park and South America. She became a published scientific author and gained hands-on experience with a variety of fisheries and water quality methods. She later served as a marketing manager for an international non-profit where she worked with designers on the client side. In another role she helped to coordinate an adult literacy tutoring program. She joined in the creation of Blue Marble in 2007, became half owner in 2011, and took full ownership of the agency in 2016. She holds degrees in Graphic Design, Biology, and Spanish.

Christine enjoys making art, traveling, and playing in the great outdoors.