Make things happen

For more than fifteen years, Blue Marble has helped organizations to grow, increase engagement, strengthen positioning, raise funds, and ultimately, to have a greater impact on the causes they serve. 

Who we work with:

  • Marketing and communications directors who need a thought-partner to employ design across departments in the service of business needs.
  • Founders and product directors who need a smart design-thinker that can understand their vision and is able to focus and work hard to make the details right.
  • Subject matter experts who need to bridge the gap between information and public understanding. 

Our Services include:

Does your work focus on one or more of the themes below? 

If so, we have experience working with clients like you. Contact us. We'd love to meet you. 

small business
job creation
tourism development
affordable housing 

college & career success
equity of access
new learning models
adult learning 

climate change
water resources
ecosystem restoration
resilience planning

alternative/holistic health
local food
mental & emotional wellbeing
violence prevention