A strong brand starts with a meaningful story, conveyed in your specific language. To start, you need a clear focus on what needs to be said (and why).

We've created and evolved many brand identities, including elements such as:

  • messaging hierarchy

  • logos, graphic elements, text treatments, and color palettes

  • style guides for empowering a team to speak with the same visual language

  • illustration, photography, design, and writing for key brand assets

We consider the context in which a message will be received, and produce media which may include:

  • websites and other interactive and digital products

  • printed media like cards, booklets, posters, and reports

  • motion graphics, video, social media content

  • environmental graphics and signage

If you are looking to create a powerful messaging campaign across various media, we can help at every step. We have worked with with many organizations that needed to explain complex concepts, raise funding, build consensus, and expand reach.


2017-05-17 23.50.51.jpg

Networked for Change

This annual theme for a national education non-profit permeated a series of lively in-person events with card-deck-mediated activities, signage, presentation materials, and other media.

Closing the gaps in math knowledge

EdReady tests student readiness for math and provides a personalized learning pathway to fill in the gaps. Utilizing an array of communication tools from dashboards to workbooks to event promotions, EdReady has been adopted in schools across the U.S. with great success.

voicing the vision of a world without gun violence 

Similar to the successful AIDS Quilt project of the 1980’s, Vision Quilt seeks to create a dynamic tapestry of expression about gun violence in America. Sensitivity in messaging and graphics have helped make the vision of Vision Quilt tangible and inviting.