User Experience Design & Research

Translate your vision into a user-centered product 

Blue Marble has experience working at various stages of the digital product development process. We have worked with founders to translate sketches and conversations into prototypes and pitch decks. We have done user studies and developed messaging and brand identity in-tandem with interface design. We have produced dev-ready mockups in a matter of days. We have seen our work evolve over the course of months (and years!) as a result of continued user research and the pursuit of a better product.

For serious startups and companies, Blue Marble can parachute-in and fast-track the development of product. We can lead, follow, and collaborate with ease, fitting into your culture right where you see a need. Clients love our straightforward approach to work through problems and our ability to hold multiple perspectives while keeping focused on what matters.



At various stages, in early concept and development, Blue Marble participated in the design of this new, tech-based offering for employers, colleges, and job-seekers.

EdReady | Assessment and intervention for Middle-SChool to College

From concept to execution, we created a large breadth and depth of work to help EdReady continue gaining momentum in U.S. educational institutions.

NROC | Reports and Administrative Interfaces

We worked with NROC to develop a system that answers common questions of based on the needs of EdReady's administrative users.