The genesis of a communication package is often a long-form document such as a white paper, annual report, or research findings.

Visuals and infographics can be developed to help communicate concepts and data, along with photography, video, and other assets that draw readers into the story. The multiple components then work together to invite increased engagement and comprehension, providing a window into your hard work, even for those with limited time or familiarity with the subject matter. 


The World BAnk Group | Harnessing Tourism For Economic Growth

The World Bank Group turned to Blue Marble to help communicate a strategy for tourism in Sub-Sahara Africa. Multiple formats and a unifying visual language made the information cross-culturally accessible. 

Evergreen Education Group | Keeping Pace With K-12 Digital Learning

For twelve years this long-form report examined the status of K-12 online education across every U.S. state, capitalizing on information graphics and striking visual design to engage readers.

Royal CAribbean Cruises | Working to make business More Sustainable

For two years Blue Marble formatted the sustainability reports for Royal Caribbean Cruises. Additional two-page flyers summarized various components of sustainability performance, making comparative data accessible through infographics.