One Community Health

One Community Health

Caring for all, caring with heart


One Community Health reached out to Blue Marble in late 2016. This federally funded community health center serves all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

Upon meeting with the leadership of One Community Health, it became clear that affordability of services was just one of the many remarkable aspects of their offerings. Blue Marble was challenged with the task to convey that affordability and inclusiveness in no way translates to a sacrifice in quality. In fact, One Community Health’s unique whole-person approach is cutting-edge.

The health center was urgently in need of a more effective presence online. Their website had been neglected for years and was becoming an obstacle to sharing information.


The leadership team's goals included:

  • greater visibility for their integrated approach to care

  • emphasizing a brand new element of care—Behavioral Health

  • Spanish and English language versions of the website without an excessive maintenance burden on staff

  • Accessibility to mobile devices

  • A structure for ongoing publication of health resources and other articles


  • The graphics and icons we developed convey the idea of whole-person health and its various components. These provide consistency across all media.

  • We collaborated with writer Katie Roberts and others at One Community Health to create the new tagline for the organization, "Caring for all, Caring with heart."

  • We coordinated and art-directed photography to produce a library of authentic, professional photos to reinforce key messages. (photo credit Jen Jones)

  • We created a thoughtful information architecture and used Squarespace for content management, allowing the site to grow and change, thus making updates easier for OCH in-house staff.

  • We created a brand guide and a detailed website handbook. These help OCH staff to manage ongoing communications and website updates.

  • We provide ongoing training and technical support and continue to collaborate on various projects.


One Community Health


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