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Energia Eficiente | Building a case for energy efficiency in Brazil

Building a case

Convincing Brazilian hoteliers to invest in energy efficiency


Energia Eficiente (EE) is a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs invest in energy efficiency through a unique combination of technical and financial assistance. The company runs Programa Pro Hoteis (PPH), an initiative aimed at helping the Brazil hotel industry implement energy efficiency measures. When Energia Eficiente took over PPH — which had received start-up funding from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) — the program was successful at completing energy-efficiency audits, but struggled to convince hotels to implement the recommendations outlined in the audits. Energia Eficiente had the technical and business skills to take the program to the next level, but it lacked marketing expertise. That’s when a member of the leadership team reached out to Blue Marble for assistance with developing the marketing strategy.


Blue Marble conducted an in-person BluePrinting workshop at our White Salmon, Washington office with one of the EE leaders. We spent nearly three days combing through presentation materials, visualizing the future, and discussing audience objections. We brought clarity to Energia Eficiente’s sales and consultation process. We helped EE’s leadership team get clear on the perspective of their ideal hotel customer through each stage of the process, and documented our conclusions with a customer journey map. We also created audience profiles, and a mood board which provided direction for a new brand and aesthetic, and we outlined the messages for a new sales presentation. As a last step in this process, we executed a redesign of both Energia Eficiente's visual identity as well as that of Programa Pro Hoteis.


Clearly communicating the value of energy efficiency

  • Energia Eficiente’s new materials contain icons and illustrations that are used across the sales, auditing, and reporting process which serve to clarify and unify key messages about the PPH offering.
  • Energia Eficiente has a new sales presentation that has greatly improved the sales team ability to explain the program to potential participants.
  • Energia Eficiente staff now has a comprehensive set of marketing tools, templates, and brand guidelines which they are easily able to update and expand upon.


With clarity about how to explain the PPH program, Energia Eficiente is experiencing greater ease in their communications and confidence in their business development efforts. Its leadership team has a map showing where the team can make incremental changes to improve its customers’ experiences over time. After training in how to use their collateral, members of Energia Eficiente’s leadership team have been able to update presentations and sales materials on an ongoing basis.



Energia Eficiente


Customer/user experience planning

Brand and message development


Economic Impact

“Definitely the work we did together and the several inputs received are being of great help to the development of our business.”

– Thiago Simões, Energia Eficiente