HRSWCD | Increased visibility for local conservation efforts

Increased visibility for local conservation efforts

Cleaning up the online environment


The Hood River Soil & Water Conservation District (HRSWCD) provides technical, educational and financial support to the local community for the preservation and conservation of natural resources. Over its fifty-plus years of existence, the organization has done a great job of evolving to remain relevant. Unlike many conservation districts, HRSWCD had invested time and attention building a web presence. However, while the information on its existing site was vast, it was not well organized and its maintenance was extremely cumbersome. There was no recognizable brand identity or consistency in presentation. The liberal use of dated clip art was distracting and detracting. When HRSWCD asked Blue Marble to redesign the website, we knew we could dramatically improve their efforts to reach more people with information and services. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how clean design can support a cleaner world.


The new website would need a significant design update and restructuring in order to present information clearly so more people could understand what HRSWCD does and take advantage of its services.

We quickly cleaned up their logo and overall style to provide a consistent, professional experience and reinforce HRSWCD’s perception as a credible and effective environmental steward. HRSWCD had attractive photos of flora and fauna, so we built a system to allow these images to be featured throughout the site.

The site includes an interactive open community section called “Wildlife Watch” where anyone is able to post descriptions and photos of local wildlife sightings. News and events listings, an important area of activity for HRSWCD, are cross referenced throughout the sight with the ability to filter listings for a refined view.

We built the website with a content management system specifically customized for the needs of HRSWCD. The CMS features a range of custom editing modules that allow staff to easily collect and manage the information for various types of resources, projects, and inventory for their annual plant sale. A user-friendly CMS is a critical aspect of the site redesign because staff had found maintaining their previous site challenging to the point of frustration and abandonment.  


  • With a quality user experience and greater ease of information dissemination, HRSWCD staff feel confident in their outreach efforts.

  • The site acts as a central hub for HRSWCD’s related entities, the National Resource Conservation Service and the Hood River Watershed Group, so that community members understand all of the services available to them through one office.

  • Staff are able to manage the online component of their annual plant sale more effectively.

  • With a completely redesigned wildlife log, user engagement has increased. Staff are able to readily approve and publish user submissions from with the admin interface.


HRSWCD has remained largely self-sufficient with the administration of its website content which is exactly how we intended it to be.



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