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Evergreen Education Group | A brand shift

A brand shift

Repositioning an established company with a new focus


Founded in 2000 as Evergreen Consulting Associates, Evergreen Education Group underwent a major change in 2009 when the founder decided to transition away from environmental consulting and focus exclusively on the education technology (edtech) sector. This shift required a new company name, a new brand identity, and new communication tools such as a website and business stationery. As long-time partners, the company reached out to Blue Marble for help.


Our approach to Evergreen’s rebrand centered around market research and personal interviews with the company’s staff and key clients so we could understand current perceptions and the distance between those and the ultimate vision for the business. Through this research, we discovered that Evergreen should capitalize its ability to maintain neutrality in its work (impartiality is highly valued when working with private, governmental and nonprofit entities in education) and create a timeless image that would resonate with an ever-evolving audience. We helped Evergreen see the value of keeping its current name whose meaning was multifaceted, and evolved the wording slightly to allow for growth and clarification of their specialization.


Elevating Evergreen Education Group as an edtech leader

  • The company’s new identity has supported Evergreen’s thought leadership and new business development.
  • A suite of print and digital materials has helped Evergreen convey its story to gain recognition as a well-established, highly-valued research and consultant in the K-12 edtech space.
  • Strong brand guidelines, templates, and a content management system for Evergreen’s website have allowed staff to expand their communication efforts and retain a consistent visual identity


Since its rebrand, Evergreen has grown into a mid-sized company that utilizes a carefully crafted network of consultants and partners to fulfill its mission. The company is reputed as a leading edtech research and consulting firm. As the company’s service offerings have evolved, Blue Marble has helped Evergreen define and explain its value proposition to potential clients — through brochures, presentations, and other marketing materials.



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